5 March 2013

Culinary delights at Hotel Alpin

28 February 2013

Not so well known things about “Martisor” and 1st of March

If you ask the Romanians if Martisor is a national or international tradition, many will respond that it is a habit that no longer exists in […]
24 February 2013

Love with passion on Dragobete

The battle between the ones who celebrate Valentine’s Day and the ones who prefer Dragobete, the Romanian equivalent of Valentine’s Day is taking large. In social […]
21 February 2013

Harlem Shakes – new viral

Remember that not too long ago telling you about Gangnam Style as the most viewed and most shared video and how everyone was doing parodies Gangnam […]
18 February 2013

Weird Valentine Habits

Because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and we are surrounded by hearts and chocolate, we cannot avoid the subject. Only that we’re going to tackle it a […]
18 February 2013

About skiing

Because we still have some snow and because there are so many enthusiasts of this sport, we decided to write an article about skiing. More precisely […]
18 February 2013

Vitarium Spa – for future and new mothers

Most often, women renounce spa treatments during their pregnancy. This happens in many cases due to lack of information. We assure you that spa treatments are […]
11 February 2013

The Olympic flame in Brasov

Last week, on February 3rd the Olympic flame that will burn for the duration of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) which will take place between […]
7 February 2013

One thousand times IYASHI DÔME

We are so pleased to announce that Vitarium Spa has made its 1000 procedure with IYASHI DÔME. We are proud of this round number and about […]
5 February 2013

Crazy Race and allegorical sleighs in Poiana Brasov

February means Crazy Race. Let’s find out more detail about this competition. The first edition took place in Poiana Brasov on Slalom ski slope, on February […]
29 January 2013

Personalities born in Brasov III

Here we are at our third articles about famous people who were born in Brasov and the list is not complete yet. In this third part […]
26 January 2013

National Salsa Congress Brasov 2013

What could be more appropriate in a cold winter weekend, when snow steadily fall from heaven? Of course, something to warm our blood. Salseros and Salseras, […]
24 January 2013

FOTE – European Youth Olympic Festival

On Sunday, in dozens of countries with harsh climate was celebrated World Snow Day, which meant special events for these countries. To mark this day, in […]
21 January 2013

Pampering and relaxation at Hotel Alpin – Vichy showers

Step by step, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and young boys and med are already looking for the right gifts for their partners or for those they […]
16 January 2013

How do we get back in shape after the holidays? – Part Two

As we said in the first article on this subject, the first step in getting rid of unwanted pounds is detoxification. Once you have passed this […]
15 January 2013

How do we get back in shape after the holidays?

Holidays have passed with all their joy, family and friends meetings and tasty foods. We head to the half of the first month of the New […]
15 January 2013

Legends of Tara Barsei II

Happy New Year! Welcome to the New Year! The first days of the new year already passed, the holiday fever begins to fade, the children went […]
15 January 2013

Foie gras – a controversial French recipe

We love Transylvanian cuisine and we already presented you a small part of it. But besides local dishes, our restaurant menus include dishes ranging from the […]
7 January 2013

Romania – the first European country that organizes Corporate Olympics

If its winter and we are in Brasov, what can we do? We can learn to ski or just ski, we can sleigh, we can take […]
31 December 2012

End of year thoughts

We are moving with quick and powerless steps to the end of this year, good, bad as it was. This is the time when we take […]
29 December 2012

Egypt and the beauty secrets

We hope that you share a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. And because the last night of this year approaches, and the Ladies will want […]
26 December 2012

Hotel Alpin – your family’s hotel

The winter holidays have a special charm, especially if they are sprinkled with snowflakes. All of us seem to be dreamier, more romantic, better. And this […]
20 December 2012

Pavlova cake

We are already in the second half of December and we have only a little over a week until Christmas. The snow already covers much of […]
16 December 2012

Ski slopes and Hotel Alpin

In the last week our country was covered by layers of snow of more or less height, is like a contest of who gets there first […]
12 December 2012

Bizarre SPA treatments II

Some time ago we presented you a ranking of the most strange spa treatments, including anti-aging snail mask, soup bath or massage with snakes. To not […]
10 December 2012

A legend chorus – Madrigal

In 1963, on April 11, Madrigal Chamber Choir was founded on the initiative of Marin Constantin. The choir’s name comes from a form of chamber music, […]
7 December 2012

What you didn’t know about Saint Nicholas

We already entered the most awaited period by the children and adults: the month of gifts. The first celebration of the month the children, but also […]
3 December 2012

The History of Caesar Salad

We can say that this is a cult recipe of the previous century. It was present on every menu in every restaurant hotel anywhere in the […]
30 November 2012

Saint Andrew and the National Day of Romania

Here we are at the end of November, and the holidays have already begun to be more frequent, remembering us that we are heading to the […]
27 November 2012

Hotel Alpin at Tourism Fair 2012

In the middle of this month, between 15th and 18th, took place Romexpo Tourism Fair of Romania. The fair is organized by Romexpo in partnership with […]
23 November 2012

Black Friday

After the Romanians borrowed Valentine’s Day and Halloween from the Americans, we adopted another event. It is virtually impossible not to have heard at least on […]
21 November 2012

Bloody tales of Bran Castle

The cone of shadow in which Romania and its beautiful places were, are now just a memory. For some time, we are on the map of […]
18 November 2012

Stefan Banica Jr. in concert at Brasov

It is almost impossible not to have heard the songs a Stefan Banica Jr. TV, radio or tabloids, the artist is always in the public eye. […]
16 November 2012

Celebrities born in Brasov I

Brasov is not just about interesting buildings, ski slopes and mountains and beautiful landscapes. Brasov is the people who comprise it. And of those, some became […]
14 November 2012

The beautiful side of gerontology and geriatrics

When we say gerontology and geriatrics, usually we do not think of something beautiful or attractive. Today we will show you the beautiful side of this […]
12 November 2012

Romania – the top 10 best places in Europe to visit in winter

Winter holidays are approaching and everybody begins to make plans where to spend the winter holidays and weekends with fairy snow. Stores already lure customers with […]
8 November 2012

Tiramisu – indulge the senses

Have you heard of tiramisu, right? Yes, we are talking about that extraordinarily good Italian cake with espresso, wafers and mascarpone cheese. The one that you […]
6 November 2012

Hotel Alpin and HRevolution 2012

On the last day of October, Hotel Alpin Poiana Brasov participated in Evolution HR Conference held at Radisson Blue Bucharest. This HR conference is the largest […]
1 November 2012

Winter Holidays at Hotel Alpin

Here we are in the last month of autumn: Goodbye October! Hello, November! The trees still have leaves in hundreds of shades, the sun with fangs […]
30 October 2012


Lately,we have been talking about beautiful places, events, films, but surely now it is time to turn our attention to a certain song and a dance […]
27 October 2012


For the last several years, late October means for more and more people hollowed pumpkins, creepy makeups and “bloody” parties, in other words, Halloween.Halloween or Hallowe’en (a […]
25 October 2012

Brasov and the Emmy Awards

What connection could there be between Brasov and the Emmy Awards? You may think there is none. But if we take a peek in the movies […]
24 October 2012

Bran Castle – in top of the most expensive houses in the world

Although all over the world there is talk about the economic crisis and how to get out of it, let us imagine that everything is ok […]
15 October 2012

Hotel Transylvania

When you ask a stranger what do they know about Romania, which is probably the first and the fastest response? They knows about vampires, of course! […]
15 October 2012

Golden Phoenix – the most expensive dessert in the world

Have you heard about the Phoenix bird? That bird that self-immolates and then rises again from its own ashes to live another 500 years. The legend […]
12 October 2012

The first man who tries to exceed the speed of sound – Felix Baumgartner

Update 10/10/2012 Due to hostile weather conditions, the jump was postponed to a later date which will be announced via media. We will keep you posted. […]
4 October 2012

Media Music Awards 2012

AMR 1h!!! There’s one more hour and will start the first edition of Media Music Awards 2012. It is considered to be the most relevant event […]
1 October 2012

My Romania – Dumitru Prunariu

We’ll start a series of articles that will be called “My Romania” in which we’ll bring to your attention things really worth mentioning, facts, characters, story […]
25 September 2012

VelaSmooth – innovative treatment against cellulite

Cellulite! Eternal enemy of women, and the men! I say this because you should not be labeled necessarily a metrosexual, so that you care about your […]
20 September 2012

Classic, music and Brasov

We want to thank the Black Church’s organist, Dr. Steffen Schlandt and Mr. Benjamin Ghegoiu, PR Black Church for kindly providing us with materials for us to […]